Meet Dr. Robbie

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Dr. Roberta "Robbie" Maller Hartman is the owner & founder of Centered Coaching.

Roberta Maller Hartman has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, is a licensed

psychologist and a personal & professional coach. She is certified as a coach both by MentorCoach and the

International Coach Federation.

Robbie has over 20 years of specialized interest and extensive expertise in health coaching. This includes life

balance for overworked professionals, transitions, stress management, mindfulness meditation training, weight loss,

and working with individuals considering weight loss surgery.

Robbie is an expert on non-dieting approaches to emotional eating and travels to California several times a year to

participate in retreats with Geneen Roth. She has led mindfulness and emotional eating awareness groups both in

the Chicago area and nationally by teleconference. She has been a consultant to some of the best-known bariatric

centers in the U.S.A.  She is the author of the forthcoming book The Unofficial Lap-band Owner’s Manual and

regularly publishes Banding Together™: The Newsletter for the LAP-BAND® Community.

Robbie received special commendation from Great Lakes Naval Hospital for the help her stress management

program provided to their medical staff and health care professionals and served on the faculty of the Chicago

Medical School for 16 years. She has also served as the Assistant Director of Training for the MentorCoach coach

training program.

Robbie is a born listener and gifted coach. Robbie is blessed with an unusual gift: She has perfect recall of anything

she hears. As a coach, she uses her unique listening ability to understand and remember people and what's

important to them. Her extraordinary memory also carries over to her music.  As a musician she can listen to any

music and play it back on the piano or while singing. She loves to use her professionally trained soprano voice when

singing in a choir and a jazz band, talking with coaching clients, and leading groups in guided imagery or meditation

both by phone and in person. In her spare time, Robbie composes relaxing piano music and enjoys extensive travel

and travel planning for herself and others.

Robbie lives in the Chicago area with her two teenaged children and their three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She

coaches clients in her north suburban office and worldwide by phone.